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BigmOuth: Talking Technology Voice Mail & Auto Dialer Phone Tree software for BigmOuth

Powerline IV Voice Mail and Computer Telephony CardTalking Technology International, Inc. manufactures Talking Technology voice mail, computer telephony and auto dialer phone tree systems for lead generation. Talking Technology / Talking Technology is one of few telephony companies that manufactures both telephony hardware and computer telephony application software. Not only are our telephony products feature rich, but they are among the most cost effective telephony solutions available. With over a quarter of a million ports in more than 100 countries, our computer telephony components manage in excess of one billion calls per year.

Computer Telephony

Computer telephony products made by Talking Technology interface with standard analog telephone lines, hybrid key systems and private branch exchanges (PBXs). We manufacture two computer telephony cards, the single-port Powerline I (PLI) and multiple-port Powerline IV (PLIV). Both cards use proprietary application generators for telephony, voice mail and inbound and outbound telemarketing. The BigmOuth and Goldmine computer telephony software applications run on on the PLI card; the PowerVoice computer telephony package on the PLIV card.

Voice Mail

Voice mail systems manufactured by Talking Technolgy are full-featured and low-cost. We offer a complete line of voice mail hardware and software building blocks. The BigmOuth and PowerVoice voice mail application generators enable users to rapidly create diverse telephony, voice mail and auto dialer systems on our PLI and PLIV cards. With the BigmOuth voice mail system - call control systems can be implemented without the need of programming, and with visually-oriented telephony tools, sophisticated voice mail applications implementing a variety of Voicemail and Call Processing Structures can be constructed in a matter of hours.

Auto Dialer Phone Tree Systems

Our auto dialer and phone tree software packages have been designed to produce reliable results for both inbound and outbound telemarketing. BigmOuth (originally developed by Talking Technology Inc.) functions as a single-port inbound telemarketing tool, capable of making sales and dispersing and gathering information. BigmOuth also includes an outbound telemarketing function that takes the form of a distribution list. From its database, BigmOuth can call lists of members, then play messages and query information. Goldmine, the automated outbound add-on package for BigmOuth, enhances BigmOuth with additional automated outbound dialing capabilities.

Multi-line telemarketing systems (inbound and outbound) are powered by the PowerVoice telephony application generator, which has been designed for the PLIV card. PowerVoice incorporates numerous inbound and outbound telemarketing functions including member notification, questionnaires and automated outbound dialing for surveys.

Development Tools

Talking Technology offers a complete line of computer telephony toolkits for programmers, VARs and OEMs. With these tools, developers can construct Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications from the ground up for both single and multiple-line applications. The single-line PLI telephony card uses the BigmOuth Programmer's Toolkit; the multi-line PLIV uses the Peak Basic (high level toolkit) and the C-Lever (low level toolkit). With these toolkits - a diversity of telephony applications can be constructed including: voicemail systems, predictive dialers, automated attendants, inbound and outbound telemarketing systems, interactive voice response (IVR) systems and auto dialers.

Psychosoft Corporation - Manufacturers of Talking Technology Voice Mail and Computer Telephony products

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