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MSI Global Power Module

MSI Global Power Supply Module 848904

MSI-GLOBAL Power Supply Module 848904

The external MSI-Global Power Module ( Intel part 848904 ) provides loop current (battery) to local telephones through the MSI-Global Cards. The system can handle multiple stations going on- or off-hook simultaneously. Cards Supported include:

  • MSI/80SC-Global
  • MSI/160SC-Global
  • MSI/240SC-Global
  • MSI/80PCI-Global
  • MSI/160PCI-Global
  • DISI16
  • DISI24
  • DISI32
  • DISI16R2
  • DISI24R2
  • DISI32R2
  • DISI16W
  • DISI24W
  • DISI32W
  • DI0408LSA
  • DI0408LSAR2

The MSI Global Power Unit is fully approved worldwide:

  • FCC
  • UL - E306110
  • cUL
  • CE

MSI-Global Power Outputs

The MSI-GLOBAL Power Module generates –70 volts to power the MSI daughter board station interface loop that interfaces to Dialogic cards through a 6 pin female mini-DIN connector. One power module is required per MSI or DISI baseboard when station modules are used. The Power Module connects to a prewired power cable attached to the MSI-GLOBAL board.

Input connector

Standard North American AC input

Output connector
6-pin female mini-DIN


Power Requirements and Outputs

Input voltage

90 to 265 VAC
47 to 63 Hz

Output voltage

–70 VDC
300 mA

Output ripple

<100 mV (peak-to-peak main)

Percent regulation

± 2.5% for –24 V
± 7.5% for –70 V

Operating temperature

0° C to +50° C


6.5 in. long, 2.7 in. wide, 1.25 in. high


3 Years

MSI-Global 6-pin Female Mini-DIN Connector

MSI-Global 6-pin Female Mini-DIN Connector

MSI GLOBAL Power Cord (included)


MSI Global Power Connector

MSI Global Power Module Power Receptacle

The MSI Global Power Units are warranted for 3 years and competitively priced at only:


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