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Auto Dialer and Emergency Notification System

PhoneTree VoiceWave®

Phone Tree VoiceWave New USB-G2 Hardware

PhoneTree VoiceWave® connects to your computer's USB (Universal Serial Bus) and operates with Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. No training is required. Just plug-in the supplied phone and USB cables, load the software from your PhoneTree VoiceWave ® CD and you're ready to go.

PhoneTree® VoiceWave Dialing Uses

PhoneTree helps businesses, schools, state, local and government agencies, churches, collection agencies - any organization needing to quickly contact large numbers of people. Whoever you call will hear their messages in 16 bit crystal clear voice quality. Any organization needing message distribution to their clients and members can benefit from VoiceWave. Some examples include:

  • College Affiliate Organizations, Technical Schools (schedule changes, hotlines, registration)
  • Clubs, Scouts & Athletic Groups
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • PTAs and School Groups
  • City Managers, Police and Fire Departments
  • Automated phone tree Dialing
  • Churches, Synagogues, Mosques & Temples
  • Emergency Notification & Response
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch Notifications
  • Alumni Associations
  • Debt Collection
  • Membership Notification
  • Businesses (large and small)
  • Survey Companies
  • Health Departments
  • Military
  • Government (city, state, federal)

PhoneTree VoiceWave Configuration

The PhoneTree VoiceWave ® software provides you with the familiarity of the the Microsoft Windows operating environment while providing you with a powerful array of enhanced automatic dialing capabilities that include:

  • Voice Responses: Enable called parties to leave voice responses to your outbound messages.
  • Unlimited List Capacity: Contact groups with as many people as you want
  • Data Import Capability: Easily import your members' names from most any database files by simply exporting the data from your database as an ASCII file.
  • Background Operation: VoiceWave runs in the background so you can use your computer for other functions while it is dialing.
  • Message Length: VoiceWave allows you to record messages that are as long as four minutes.
  • Expandability: Start off with a single line system and when you need it expand it up to as many as 4 lines. You can increase your capacity to as many as 48 lines with the PhoneTreeVoiceWave Plus system.
  • On-Screen Help: VoiceWave has built-in, easy-to-use on screen help.
  • Answering Machine Detection: If PhoneTree VoiceWave reaches an answering machine, it will wait until after it hears the tone to leave your message
  • Accepts Touch-tone Response: PhoneTree VoiceWave allows the called party to leave a touch-tone responses, as many as 6 per call to respond to your questions. You can view who left responses along with the number that was called in your log file.
  • 36 Member Group Capacity: This means that you can have up to 36 people, each able to call out to their own group.
  • Remote Dial-in Capability This means that you can have up to 36 different managers or group leaders with the ability to remotely call into the VoiceWave and initiate call-out sessions for their individual groups. There's no need to be at the system; they'll be able to initiate their sessions from any home, work or cell phone!

For Text-to-Speech integration with your PhoneTree system, check out the PhoneTree VoiceWave Premium .

With PhoneTree® products your receive unlimited free technical support for 30 days from the date of your purchase.

You can download the PhoneTree VoiceWave manual by clicking on the link directly below"

Download PhoneTree VoiceWave manual

For Autodialer Frequently Asked Questions - click on the link directly below:

Autodialer Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the the PhoneTree VoiceWave you can contact the sales department at: 510-339-8275

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