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PhoneTree 3500
Text-To-Speech Dialing, Reminder and
Emergency Notification System

PhoneTree 3500 Text to Speech Emergency Notification and Reminder system

The PhoneTree 3500 auto dialer is a full-featured, fully-customizable, and complete telephone messaging solution utilizing Text-To-Speech technology for emergency notification and reminders. Unique to the 3500 is the 'Flex Fields' feature, which lets you construct messages section-by-section, based on your existing data.

Along with all the features of the PhoneTree 2500, plus unlimited list capacity, unlimited calls per session, full remote access and custom call-in information lines, the PhoneTree 3500 is an automated messaging powerhouse consisting of reminder software and hardware. The 3500 with its superb text-to-speech quality is
without-a-doubt the Mercedes of our PhoneTree line.

PhoneTree 3500 Tex-to-Speech Auto Dialer
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Text to Speech Demo

Uses WindowsMedia Player

Benefits of the 3500 Appointment Reminder and Emergency Notification System

  • Flex Fields let you deliver flexible messages like, "Hello. This is Dr. Jones calling for [NAME] to remind you of {EVENT] on [DATE] at [TIME].
  • If a call is at first unanswered, you can attempt alternate phone numbers (cell, pager, etc.).
  • Make a professional, memorable impression on those being called with highly-personalized messages, requiring only minimal setup.
  • Minimize missed appointments for your business, practice or service
  • Complete appointment reminder program and software. Perfect solution for reminder services
  • Great for Emergency Notification applications

The PhoneTree 3500 creates personalized text-to-speech notification and reminder messages. When you create your calling list, you can configure the 3500's software to connect to elements in your database, which the 3500 will play using text-to-speech. Your patient's or client's first and last names, the time of their appointment, and other elements that you specify will create a specific and detailed message. You'll have personalized messages delivered to each person, based on that person's characteristics and your needs. And with the PhoneTree 3500's easy-to-use Flex Field feature, you can quickly and easily personalize all of your outbound reminder messages and calling activities.

Just import your data, select the message's content, and sit back while the PhoneTree 3500 calls each person on your list with a custom-taylored message.

PhoneTree 3500 Reminder System Flex Field Recording
PhoneTree 3500 Auto Dialer Import Screen
Unique to the PhoneTree 3500, our Flex Fields feature lets you create customized messages with ease.
Just import your data, select the message's content, and watch PhoneTree do the rest automatically.

System Requirements:

  • Pentium based personal computer (800 MHz minimum)
  • Windows® 98SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 750 MB hard drive space (1 GB preferred)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 1 USB port (multiple port systems may require a USB hub

Download PhoneTree 3500 manual

For Autodialer Frequently Asked Questions - click on the link directly below:

Autodialer Frequently Asked Questions

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