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Peak Basic Toolkit

Peak Basic Toolkit

With the Peak Basic Toolkit, VARs and System Integrators can easily modify or enhance the PowerVoice software's capabilities with the Basic Toolkit's intuitive scripting language.

PEAK Basic is a computer telephony development package that allows call processing scripts to be written in the BASIC programming language. PEAK Basic programs are developed on two levels, the Process Layer and the Micro-Kernel layer. The Process layer uses the PowerVoice software that to create flowcharts to construct a caller’s path through a computer telephony application. The PowerVoice software provides the building blocks (termed process boxes) to build an application using an intuitive graphical environment.

The Micro-Kernel layer is accessed through the Peak Basic toolkit programming language and utilities used to compile and debug that code. Using these tools, the developer can easily build entirely new process boxes or modify existing ones for use by the Process layer. Once a new box has been created and compiled, it can be used in any PowerVoice application. Peak Basic tools support dBase III+ compatible database file access and include both the necessary compiler and debugger.

For additional information on the PowerVoice application generator, the Powerline IV hardware and the Peak Basic Toolkit Contact Sales at Talking Technology - or you can download the following files from our FTP site:

  • Powerline IV Hardware Manual (
  • Peak Basic Toolkit Manual (
  • PowerVoice Application Generator Manual (
  • Latest Changes in PowerVoice (pvupdat.doc)

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