Powerline I Computer Telephony Development Package

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Powerline I Computer Telephony Toolkit

The Programmer's Toolkit for the PLI is a TSR (terminate-stay resident) library that enables developers to utilize the functionality of the Powerline I card through their own computer telephony applications. The toolkit's library routines are accessed through a software interrupt and can be easily interfaced with high-level language compilers produced by Microsoft and other manufacturers.

The Programmer's Toolkit includes library function calls and subroutines, sample computer telephony programs and a technical reference. The API can be easily interfaced with C, C++, Pascal and 80x86 Assembler.

Computer Telephony Applications:

  • Automated Call Transfer
  • Telemarketing Applications
  • Voice mail Systems
  • Fax-back service (requires external fax modem)
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems
  • Alarm and Detection Systems


  • Powerline I (PLI) single-line voice processing card
  • IBM compatible 286, 386, 486 or Pentium system
  • 1 megabyte of free hard drive space
  • Borland or Microsoft C compiler
  • MS-DOS version 5.0 or later

The Powerline I (BigmOuth) Toolkit comes with complete documentation. Satisfaction guaranteed with our 30 day no-nonsense complete money back guarantee.

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