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VTG VoiceBridge Model 201

VoiceBridge Model 201 - Series II - Supports Lucent and ATT

  • System 75 Series
  • System 85 Series
  • Definity G1 Series
  • Definity G2 Series
  • Definity G3 Series

VoiceBridge Series II fully integrates a wide range of PBXs with all Centrex SMDI-compatible voice processing systems. VoiceBridge provides Caller ID for the voice processing system.

The VoiceBridge Series II supports 12 to 24 ports. Each version has a built-in modem for remote access and diagnosticst. The current VoiceBridge PBX compatibility listing is as follows. Features include:

  • VoiceBridge eliminates the need to manually enter the complicated codes and mailbox numbers.
  • 24-Hour Telephone Answering - a fully integrated systems answers calls and takes messages around the clock.
  • Reduces Calls to Voice Mail - a visual indicator on your phone lets you know when messages are available
  • Auto login capability gives you instant and easy access to your messages from your desk.
  • Rotary Phones - An integrated system makes it easier for rotary callers to leave messages by provided automatic access to mailboxes when transferred or calling direct.

Physical Dimensions:

  • 10.75" wide x 11.00" deep x 3.25" high

Systems are pulls from fully operational systems. All come with a 1 year replacement warranty.

Priced to sell at $469

If you have questions about the the VoiceBridge system you can contact the sales department at: 510-339-8275

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