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Patient Reminder: Phone Tree MD
Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Reminders

Reduce Missed Appointments

The PhoneTree MD patient reminder system can eliminate half of patients who miss their appointments. Generally they say they "forgot" and many don't cancel. Average patient no-shows exceeds twenty percent. PhoneTree MD can eliminate the majority of these no-shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my patients' call records be imported?

Yes, we can import your data from most patient management software packages. With the PhoneTree MD patient reminder system, if your patient appointment/management software is capable of auto-generating lists on a daily basis, we can actually make the entire process entirely transparent to you. This means, your patients would be automatically notified on a daily basis without any intervention from you or your staff whatsoever.

If so, from what file format?

Typically, we import data from .CSV (Comma Separated Variable) formatted data, though we have conversion programs that can massage the data you have to transform it into an acceptable structure.

Can the appointment reminder message be customized for each patient using their name and date and time of the appointment? (Similar to a form letter in Microsoft Word)

Yes, these functions can be accomplished by the PhoneTree MD System. We import the fields containing this data from your management program and use either pre-made snippets of speech or built-in text-to-speech functionality to create smooth and comprehensive statements to clearly inform your patients. As you suggested, the concept is similar to how MS-Word might generate a group of letters to people in your database, except that speech is inserted instead of text.

What is the difference between the MD and the Pro?

The primary difference between the MD and the Pro is the size of the practice(s) that the system can handle. Also, the Pro package includes professionally recorded custom scripts.

How much do systems like these cost?

Prices range from $3000 to $6000 depending on:

  • size of the practice(s)
  • number of physicians in each practice
  • the degree of automation of the system
  • participation by you
  • the speed at which you want to notify your groups

Do you have a less expensive alternative for a single physician?

Yes, the PhoneTree 2100 will handle many of the functions of the MD system at a more affordable price.

What about service and support?

We offer toll-free technical support, a 100% hardware warranty, free on-line diagnostics, and software updates. We will be there for you when you are required to make changes in your practice management system. Extended service contracts are available to insure that your PhoneTree will always work, even if your practice or patient management system changes.

Contact Us Now!

If you're still sending out appointment reminders by mail that don't improve your no-show ratio, or if someone on your staff is spending much of their time reminding patients about their appointments or when you won't be in the office - PhoneTree MD would be an important asset for your practice. For additional information - click below on the 'Questions or Sales Quote' form directly below or contact a representative at:


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