Bigmouth phone tree management system

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BigmOuth phone tree auto dialer system

Bigmouth Phone Tree Auto Dialer

Bigmouth provides automatic phone tree dialer capabilities for churches, Scouts, athletic teams, and groups and clubs of all kinds. Bigmouth allows any group that uses a typical phone tree system for their communications to be more efficient. With Bigmouth it becomes a cinch to notify every member of your organization, and Bigmouth can place as many as 1000 computer-generated calls per day, deliver messages and even get voice or touch-tone responses from your members. You can increase your attendance at meetings, request donations and notify group members about special events and services. And when Bigmouth isn't performing phone tree duties - it can act as your voice mail system or auto attendant.

Bigmouth's sophisticated answer-detect routines recognize a voice as soon as a member answers their phone. When a call ends, Bigmouth proceeds to its next number. You can leave messages on answering machines and numbers that are busy or unavailable are re-dialed later. And all of this happens during preset times that you define. Bigmouth is designed for groups of up to 300 members. Larger groups can use Goldmine.

Goldmine Phone Tree Auto Dialer

Goldmine enables groups of unlimited size to place automated telephone calls to their members. Goldmine gets its phone numbers from a ASCII file that can easily be exported from almost any database.

Auto Dialer Features:

  • Detects busies, rings and voice
  • Guarantee that your message is left with a live person
  • Auto dials numbers from ASCII text file or list
  • Fast hang-up detection

Auto Dialer Uses:

  • Auto dialer for Churches, Scouts, sporting clubs, groups of all kinds
  • Membership reminders and notifications
  • Fundraising
  • Membership Surveys
  • Great for school attendance and homework hotlines

The COMPLETE Bigmouth and Goldmine packages include the award winning Bigmouth or Goldmine software, telephony card, speaker and detailed instructions. Technical support of up to thirty minutes is provided at no additional charge.

Also, Talking Technology offers PowerVoice, a multiple line auto dialer, voice mail and lead generation system that runs under Windows XP or 2000 Professional!

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