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Predator-Lite Predictive Dialer

The Predator-Lite Predictive Dialer is designed to be simple. Many predicative dialing systems are full of rarely used functions that just complicate the job of an agent. Predator-Lite was designed to make contact with warm bodies and instantly connect them to an agent or sales person; it was designed to keep agents on the phone. In addition to keeping your sales team in contact with customers the Predator predictive dialer provides the essential functions of:

  • Networking (capabilities for as many as 100 systems)
  • Call Recording (With a click of your mouse, you can record an entire conversation for verification or training purposes.)
  • Transfer Calls (Easily switch a call to another agent or department.)
  • Music-On-Hold (if you must temporarily leave your customer)
  • Automatically Dial (as soon as an agent terminates a call)
  • Call Timing (keeps records of the amount of time spent with each party)
  • Definable Fields (Customize your screen pops and database with 8 customizable fields)
  • Appointment Reminder (Agents can leave themselves reminders which sound an automatic reminder.)

Contact is the primary function of a predictive dialer and this is what Predator does best. Predator gets people on the phone for you so you can communicate with them. You can present your product of service, convey additional information via Fax or Email, and when you're done you can quickly go on to your next meeting - without being bogged down with a multitude of details and screens. And with Predator, you can begin with a single station and add stations as your business grows.

Predictive Dialer Card

Predictive Dialer Uses

  • Predator-Lite Predictive Dialer Software for:
    (sales agents, contact lists, insurance and mortgage brokers, home improvement & repair, painting, plumbing, electrical, home loans, cable, MLM, carpet cleaning, credit repair)
  • Telemarketers
  • Emergency Notification & Response
  • Political Campaigns
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch Notifications
  • Grand Openings

Each Predator-Lite station dials simultaneously on 3 telephone lines. When a live person answers, a call is instantly connected to an agent's headset. Other lines immediately stop dialing once the live connection is made. The agent can speak with the answering party or request that a prerecorded message is played to them. When an agent has completed a call he can click-on 'Dial' at any time to begin re-dialing.

Contact Screen

Seamless Database Integration

Each agent can call numbers from a local database, or all agents can access a centralized database across a company's intranet. There are no limitations on the number of stations utilizing the centralized database.

Predator Database Integration Screen

Each agent has the ability to read from scripts or to type notes regarding a call in progress. Reports are available on the number of calls, call results and call timing.

Optional Fax-Email capabilities enable agents to instantly send information from their station by a click of the mouse.

The Predator predictive dialer system requires a standard PC, Win 2000 or XP, telephone headset and a database of numbers from which to dial.

The COMPLETE Predator-Lite package includes Predator-Lite predictive dialer software for Windows 2000 or XP, the Predator 4 predictive dialing card, color documentation, FREE software updates, an hour of installation assistance, three hours of FREE technical support. For additional information - feel free to download our manual from the link directly below:

Predator-Lite Predictive Dialer Manual

Predator is also available in a Turnkey Configuration with
Predator-Lite hardware & software and Windows XP fully installed in a fully functional Intel-based computer. And we can configure any Turnkey system to your exact specifications.

For additional information on Predator-Lite Predictive Dialer - contact the Sales Department at Talking Technology.

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