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Talking Technology Inc. (TTI) was founded in Berkeley, California in 1985 and was instrumental in pioneering numerous voice mail and call processing technologies. Talking Technology was responsible for the first computer telephony application generator - Bigmouth, and the first computer driven auto dialer - Goldmine. TTI was also the first company to use toll quality ADPCM encoding on an IBM PC without the use of an embedded processor. Other Talking Technology firsts include the PC-based automated attendant and routines that performed dial-pulse analysis.

Talking Technology manufactured the Powerline I (PLI), Powerline II (PLII) and the Powerline IV (PLIV) computer telephony cards. The PLI cards are currently in production.

Expertise of Talking Technology was acquired in the late 1990s by Talking Technology International, Inc., which has continued to develop and improve on Talking Technology's earlier innovations.

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