Bigmouth Voice Mail

Bigmouth Voice Mail

Are you looking for an inexpensive and effective voice mail and outbound dialing system? BigmOuth is exactly what you need.


Bigmouth's centralized VOICE MAIL system (up to 300 mail boxes) allows internal users and outside callers to send and receive messages.

Features include Password Protection, Message Forwarding, Remote Access, and Personalized Voice Greetings.


Bigmouth can efficiently process inbound and outbound calls by directing callers to information and services they need.

Bigmouth can be configured as a bulletin board or hotline to provide information to callers - 24 hours a day!


Bigmouth can call as many as 300 telephone numbers, and when voice is detected on the line - a message will be delivered. Examples of automated outbound dialing are:

  • telemarketing of products and services
  • appointment reminders
  • overdue notifications
  • emergency notifications
  • and announcements about meetings, practices, games, classes, openings
  • Great for companies, clubs, sport teams, churches, schools, etc.
  • GOLDMINE (an optional module for Bigmouth) is available to dial thousands of telephone numbers sequentially and from an ASCII file.

BigmOuth Voice Mail System Description

BigmOuth is a full-featured, computerized telephone management system. It provides answering services, voice mail, call processing, personal phone management, automated ourbound dialing, inbound call distribution, or any combination of these and many more features.

BigmOuth uses digital recording technology to effect superior clarity.

ANSWERING: Lets your computer answer the phone in your voice, then record messages from callers. Bigmouth logs in the date, time, and duration of the call.

AUTODIALER: Lets you create databases for business and personal numbers. Finds and dials numbers with just a few keystrokes. Allows you to keep notes or contact information with a built-in editor.

VOICE MAIL: Callers can select individual message boxes, hear owner's personal greeting, and leave a recorded message. Box owners can retrieve messages and configure their services remotely.

CALL PROCESSING: Handles inbound and outbound call applications automatically. Bigmouth calls numbers from your database at a predetermined time and delivers your voice message, and re-dials numbers if they are busy or unanswered. Can can be used as an automated outbound dialer for taking polls. It can ask questions and record responses, and can redirect information in the form of recorded messages.

ALARM SYSTEM: BIGMOUTH autodialer functions can be triggered by a sensor, enabling the system to dial three numbers, then deliver message. Could contact police, fire department, your home phone, etc.

SOPHISTICATED FEATURES: Full password security, activates beepers, remote access capabilities, message forwarding, easily configured to your specific needs. The BIGMOUTH voice mail system enhances your personal communications.

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