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AutoDialer Scripts

The most important element of your telemarketing system is your script - the text your customers or prospective customers will hear when they answer their phone or listen to your message on their answering machine. We write autodialer scripts to optimize your your application.

The information The information your customers receive must be short, sweet, to the point, and it must focus on some item or service your listeners are going to want or need - at least enough for them to respond - either call you at a specified number, to leave their name and number so you can call them back or to push the key that will connect them with you or one of your sales people.

People frequently make mistakes with their autodailer scripts that include:

  1. They're too long. (Don't make your scripts more than 30 or 40 seconds. Remove 'STOP WORDS' like, "the, that, 'and more'.")
  2. They have them recorded by professionals. (The days of professionals recording effective scripts have long passed. When people hear a studio-sounding voice, they generally hang up. Unless you have a speech impediment, record your scripted messages in your own voice. Make them sound natural, like you were talking to a friend. Some people will only leave messages on answering machines and start their messages with, "Sorry I missed you. (clear their throat) I've been calling some locals in the area to ...") The point is: You have to make them think you're local, and make them identify with you and your service or product.)
  3. They make called parties press too many keys. (You lose 20% of people when you make them push the first button on their telephone keypad. You lose another 30% when you make them push the second key. Make them press the third key - and you're out!)
  4. They sound too formal. (Again, try to envision the type of people you're trying to reach and do your best to identify with them - the same speech idiosyncrasies in the area you're calling into and the same grammar and vocabulary of the people you're prospecting for. If you are selling 2 million dollar yachts, you don't want to sound like an uneducated blue collar type. And no offense to blue collar types. They're some of our biggest customers (carpet cleaners, painters, window washers, glaziers, home repair types - We even have a guy that's making a killing getting contracts to pick up dog poop.) And generally, for what they're selling - they don't want to sound like millionaires driving Rolls Royces.)
  5. They don't test-market. (Test market, test market, test market. And then test market some more. People call and say their script doesn't work. Generally we can see why after looking at it. But the point is, they've been using it for four months. A guy that really makes a lot of calls told me just the other day that sometimes he can change a word or two and all of a sudden a script that was a dog will start producing and calls will start flowing in. He's always monkeying around on one machine working on a new script, running it for a week, and crunching the numbers. He's always looking for the perfect script which brings us to:
  6. They use canned scripts. (Forget them. They don't work - especially if the speaker sounds like a radio station announcer. You have to tune a script to your business, your product and your personality. If people sense a hint of marketing hype or someone that's not really behind what they're doing, they'll pick it up in a heart beat. One of our customers, a dish guy, called not long ago and said his script wasn't working. He emailed me the audio file, one he'd downloaded for free on the net. It was one of the phoniest sounding things I had ever heard. I rewrote the script for the fellow and got the guy to do his own recording. He was reluctant, but he did it. He called back several days later, and I could hear him grinning ear to ear when he told me he'd made four sales the first day. Make your own script.

At Talking Technology we'll do our best to help you tailor an autodialer script that will work with your application. We'll ask you questions; we'll try to get you to write down what you thing you want to say; we'll look at what you've already got. We'll question you about your business and the customers you're looking for.

We've been writing scripts for almost 20 years. We can't guarantee that what we come up with will work for you but we'll work for you assisting you to achieve success. And we'll keep trying. If you didn't purchase your dialer from us, we'll work with you as well. We can craft a script at a reasonable rate to meet your needs. If you've absolutely opposed to recording your own script, we can find you professionally trained talent that can create great sounding messages.

Contact the Sales Department at Talking Technology to discuss your needs and for a quote for your application.

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