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Intel Dialogic D/240PCI-T1

Dialogic D/240PCI-T1 card D240PCIT1

D/240PCI-T1 Specs and warranty

  • The D/240PCI-T1 card is one of Intel's (formerly Dialogic) most popular PCI T1 telephony cards. The card being offered is a server pull.

  • The card is FULLY warranted by TTI for a period of 1 years. The card green lights fine with the DCM (Dialogic Configuration Manager) and passes all UDD tests.

  • Model - D/240PCI-T1

  • Card warranted for 1 Year
  • Latest Intel Drivers available from our Web Site.

Features and Benefits

  • PCI compliant, Complies with PCISIG* Bus Specification, 5V signaling environment
  • Onboard T-1 interface
  • One T-1 ISDN PRI trunk
  • Two Intel486 GX processors @ 32.768 MHz, 0 wait state
  • Motorola DSPs, 2 wait state SRAM
  • 32- to 16-bit conversion in target mode
  • Easy integration with Microsoft* Windows NT* and Windows* 2000
  • Shared memory is page mapped in/out dynamically as needed.
  • Telephony Bus - SC bus

Intel® Dialogic® SingleSpan-PCI D/240PCI-T1 boards provide one span of digital network interfaces in a PCI form factor. The boards contain rich media features such as voice processing, speech recogition software, fax, tone signaling, global tone detection, global tone generation, and call progress analysis, making them ideal for service providers and large enterprises.

Talking Technology International, Inc.(TTI) carries a complete line of Voice Mail, Auto Dialer and other call processing products and is an authorized Intel reseller. TTI, based in Oakland, California, carries a complete line of Voice Mail, Auto Dialer and other call processing products and is a worldwide leader in Computer Telephony Solutions. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets systems that address the requirements of Government, the Military, Call Centers, Businesses, Educational Institutions and Individuals. With over 350,000 ports installed in 100 countries, TTI is an authorized Intel reseller and an important force in the Call Processing Industry.


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