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Computer Telephony

Talking Technology manufactures computer telephony hardware and software - building blocks for computer telephony integration (CTI) - they integrate telephone lines with computers. Talking Technology's products operate on IBM compatible personal computers - 386s, 486s and Pentium class systems.

Talking Technology offers two computer telephony cards, the single port Powerline I card (PLI) and the multiple port PowerVoice 4 card (PV4). PLI and PV4 cards turn your computer into a backbone for computer telephony integration.

Computer Telephony Systems

Computer Telephony Systems offered by Talking Technology include the BigmOuth and Goldmine packages, and the PowerVoice package. BigmOuth and Goldmine are single-line telephony systems. PowerVoice is the multiple line version. All systems include software, PC peripheral card and documentation that allow you to get your computer telephony system operational quickly. These telephony systems can easily be molded into auto dialers, voice mail systems, interactive voice response systems (IVR), automated attendants, outbound telemarketing systems - or a combination of the above - and the PowerVoice multi-port system can be configured to run different applications on each line, inbound and outbound.

Computer Telephony Software

Computer telephony software engineered by Talking Technology includes all necessary drivers and application generators. The BigmOuth and PowerVoice application generators are visually oriented programs that control Talking Technology's voice cards. In addition, Talking Technology offers the Voice Ranger CT-ADE, a computer telephony toolkit with both a visual interface and integrated scripting language.

Computer Telephony Hardware

The Powerline I and PowerVoice 4 computer telephony cards have been designed to provide high quality and cost effective interfaces between telephone lines (central office, PBX, or hybrid key) and your computers. Their designs use electronic components of the highest quality.

Talking Technology's telephony cards have been designed to operate on a wide range of PC hardware. In most cases the cards will operate on 386s, 486s and Pentiums (both ISA and PCI slots). This flexibility gives developers and end users the opportunity to utilize hardware that might otherwise have been considered obsolete. The cost of single line systems (including telephony software, hardware and host computer) can be constructed for under $500. The complete cost for 4 port computer telephony systems (including the host computer) can be constructed for under $2000. Contact the sales department at Talking Technology to find out how you can quickly and inexpensively get your computer telephony system up and running.

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