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New 40-Gang Role
Dialogic CTBUS CT-BUS Cables

H.100 Bus

Auction Specifics:

  • This auction is for one 40-gang Role of DIALOGIC CTBUS Cables.
  • CTBUS cables are also available in 2,4,8,12, and 16 drop lengths.
  • CTBUS Cable compatible with all Dialgoic CT-BUS CTBUS cards
  • Components warranted for 3 years

For Questions CALL: 510-339-8275

Features and Benefits

  • Full 40 gang role of CTBUS cables. Don't end up with small pieces. Cut the length you need.
  • All components brand new
  • Dealer, Reseller, Distributor and OEM pricing available
  • Over 400,000 cable gangs in the field

TTI carries a complete line of Voice Mail, Auto Dialer and other call processing products.

Distributor, Reseller and OEM Quantities Available

For the following Dialgoic parts:

  • All Dialogic cards with H.100 CT Bus CTBUS eg. D/41JCT, D/240JCT-T1, DISI, DMV, etc.

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