Import Utility Instructions

This page will assist you in importing data from databases and CDs.

To import data:

First, highlight the group you are working with, then click on import.

This brings up Database Import Utility.

On this page - highlight the group and click on import.

This brings up a box called Import Data (Note: Files can be imported from a number of different formats.).

Click-on 'Browse' and find the file you want to import.

After you find the correct file - double-click on the file or click on 'Open'.

You'll be back in the Import Data screen. Click-on 'Next'.

The next screen will show an example of our data. It will also ask you how our text fields
are separated (delimited). In our case the files are separated by the ',' and ' " ' (the comma
and quote characters. Click-on 'Next' to continue.

On the next screen you will have to match up the fields. The preview screen on the bottom shows how our fields are currently formatted. The target field on top is how we want to have our fields formatted. To accomplish this - click-on ignored in the target field. This will bring
up a drop down box that lists all the fields. Now click-on the field that has our information. When you are finished matching all the fields, click-on 'Finish'.

This will start the import process. When it is completed it will bring up a confirmation box
that indicates the number of files that were imported. You can now close the import utility screen.

Highlighting our group will show us our newly added list.

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