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Talking Technology International, Inc. processes orders under $2000 US by credit card or PayPal. We take VISA, MC and AMEX. Your order will be shipped within one business day from the time we charge your credit card. If a specific product is out of stock, we will not charge your credit card until the item(s) you want are in stock and ready to ship. Also, if a product appears that it will be out of stock for a lengthy period of time, we will let you know so you can tell us how you want to proceed.

Orders exceeding $2000 must be prepaid by check or wire transfer. These orders will be shipped immediately when paid by bank draft, cashier's check, certified check or money order. If you pay by company or personal check, we will wait for your check to clear. Most checks clear within 3 to 5 business days. As soon as our bank informs us that your check has cleared - we will ship your order within one business day.

If you prefer to make your payment to us by wire transfer, you can wire funds directly to our account. Both domestic and international wires usually hit our account within one business day from the time your bank sends them, though at times it can take longer for wires coming in from overseas. We ask that you let us know when you've wired funds to us - especially for international orders. If you don't, it can take as long as three business days for our bank to let us know that your money has arrived. If you let us know when you have wired funds, we can manually check on a daily basis to see if your funds have been credited to our account. We will ship your order within one business day from the date that we receive confirmation of the receipt of your funds.

If you have any questions about our payment terms, contact the sales department at Talking Technology by clicking on the 'Questions' icon directly below.

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