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Return & Refund Policies

Talking Technology does its best to ensure quality control and a high level of technical support. Though the vast majority of Talking Technology products remain in the field, and will remain functioning for many years (some of our products have gone nonstop since the company's inception over 15 years ago) - there may be situations when it is necessary for a customer to return a product to Talking Technology for a refund. In these situations, Talking Technology has a 30 day return policy (one calendar month). This return period begins on the date the product is delivered. The thirty day period provides sufficient time for a customer to our evaluate our product(s), and also provides sufficient time for our support staff to assist a customer in getting their equipment operational.

If Talking Technology International, Inc. product(s) do not meet your needs, you may request an RMA (return material authorization) number if you are within the return period. All refunds are assessed a 15% (fifteen percent) restocking fee regardless of the reason for return. A request for an RMA by a customer can be initiated via Email, USPS, phone, fax or express courier. The RMA number supplied by TTI must be clearly indicated on the outside of any returned packages, as TTI does not accept any items without valid RMA numbers. RMA numbers remain valid only for a period of two weeks (10 (ten) working days). This means that if you obtain an RMA from Talking Technology International, Inc., the product must arrive at our premises within two weeks.

In addition, even though you may have described to a Talking Technology representative the reason for a return (refund, repair, upgrade, modification) - we request that you include a note specifying the reason for the return. If a product is being returned for upgrade or repair, let us know what was discussed with your sales or tech support representative, including any symptoms that the product manifested. Any COD shipments returned to Talking Technology International, Inc. will be refused.

All refunds are paid by the method in which the sale was originally trasacted. If a sale was transacted by check, the refund will be by check; if by credit card, the credit will be issued to the card originally charged. All refunded monies (check, credit card, wire) will be processed within five working days from receipt of the returned product. This time period provides us with adequate time to inventory a return and if necessary - to test the components. A customer may request a check to be sent via express courier (Fedex). If this method of delivery is chosen, courier fees will be subtracted from the total amount of any monies due.

Products returned for a refund must be in full working condition and must include all original product components, including original packaging materials, floppy disks, CDs, hardware cards, computers (if product is a turnkey system) and all documentation in re-salable condition.

Each returned shipment will be thoroughly inventoried and tested at the time of receipt by Talking Technology International, Inc.. Any damaged, modified or defaced parts, incomplete or missing items, or parts that are damaged during return shipping are ineligible for a refund, and fair market value will be subtracted from the total amount of an eligible refund. For your protection, we highly recommend that any items returned to Talking Technology International, Inc. for service, repair or refund are insured for their full value.

Items Ineligible for Refunds

Some items sold by Talking Technology International, Inc. and some types of work performed by Talking Technology International, Inc. are ineligible for refunds. These items include:

  • custom software and scripts
  • telemarketing leads
  • software upgrades
  • specialty and non-advertised items
  • used and reconditioned items
  • custom technical services
  • fees for nonstandard technical support
  • installation fees at a customer's site
  • turnkey systems requiring the build of a custom computer
  • promotional packages clearly denoted as being nonrefundable
  • products sold to political parties or for use in political campaigns

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