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Technical Support Policy

Our technical support policy at Talking Technology International, Inc. has been implemented to get you up and running as soon as possible and to keep you running. We provide technical support to our customers free-of-charge for a period of time when you purchase one of our products. In addition, we have established fair and reasonable rates for additional technical support services.

Talking Technology provides technical support at 'no charge' for a specified period of time from the date that you first contact us for technical support. You will be provided with free-of-charge support for up to 30 minutes with our single line products and up to 3 hours with our multiple line products. Our support team will do its best to assist you with your installation and interfacing our products with your telephone system, telephone line(s) and your computer.

Inexperienced users or those with little or no experience using or modifying the parameters of computer and telecommunications equipment may require a specialized consultant for installation of our equipment or configuration of your equipment - though, in many cases we are able to talk novice users through the installation and setup process without difficulty. If you require a specialist, we will do our best to interface with this person, though we consider it prudent for you to schedule a pre-agreed upon time for us to assist you and your representative.

If you feel that you will need additional assistance or consultation exceeding our allotted time periods, Talking Technology provides reasonable rates for such assistance. We charge $75 per hour (billed in one hour increments) to accommodate your additional needs, though generally we can provide the answers to short questions for no additional charge. If you have a simple question about a feature or function that requires a short answer - usually we can provide this service for no charge on the spot. If you are going to require a lengthy session for testing, setup or implementation of an application or script - you will be billed for support at our hourly rate.

Also, we invite you to request quotes for custom scripts and applications. We'll do our best to provide you with a quote for specialized support and programming services.

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