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Phone Line Surge Protectors $9.95

Phone Line Surge Protector

Phone line spike protectors provide protection for telephony equipment and protect valuable resources from line spikes and surges and near lightening strikes. These devises are an exellent way to protect expensive telephony cards.

Line Splitters - $7.95

Line Splitter Front ViewLine Splitter Side View

Phone Line splitters take 2 lines from a single wall jack or telephony card (eg. D/41D, Dialog 4, D/120JCT-LS, etc.) and split it into 2 individual lines.

Phone Cords - $1.95

Phone CableRJ-11 Plugs

Quality 6 foot phone cords for telephones, computer telephony applications, fax machines, etc.

For additional information or to order phone line accessories contact the sales department at TTI at:


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