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Inbond and Outbound Telemarketing Systems

Auto Dialer

Auto dialer systems designed by Psychosoft perform inbound outbound telemarketing functions. The BigmOuth and Goldmine packages gather information for surveys and facilitate telephone sales without intervention of salespeople. Prospective buyers are directed thorough complete telemarketing structures automatically. And, if necessary, telemarketing structures can branch to a depth of thirteen levels.

Inbound Telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing systems direct callers that reach the system by advertising or word of mouth. Inbound systems provide callers with information about products and services and facilitate lead generation.

Psychosoft's BigmOuth and PowerVoice products provide versatile and sophisticated inbound capabilities. Callers are provided with options for product information. Sales can be closed by having customers interact with voice-driven questionnaires.

The questionnaire function provides callers with a list of questions (example - name, address, credit card number, etc.). The caller's answers are concatenated into a single voice file for review remotely or from the computer's console. Inbound telemarkeing provides a vehicle for generating telephone sales twenty-four hours a day. Contact Sales at Psychosoft for additional information regarding inbound telemarketing.

Outbound Auto Dialer

When an outbound dialing system gets a person - it becomes unimportant if that person called into the system or whether the system initiated the call. Once a person is connected with the system, information can be gathered or dispersed, and there is always the capability of providing additional selections, including sales tools over the phone.

Outbound dialing systems from Psychosoft provide the functionality of inbound telemarketing with the addition of one key factor. The caller does not call into the system -- the caller is called by the system. BigmOuth and Goldmine perform outbound dialing on a single line. These systems make automated outbound telemarketing calls to specific lists of customers, clients or members.

Automated Outbound Dialing

The Goldmine outbound dialer is capable of performing two modes of outbound dialing. Automated outbound dialing can be accomplished by prefix dialing or by dialing specific numbers from a list.

With prefix outbound dialing - the system administrator enters a telephone exchange prefix (e.g.. 415). All ten thousand numbers from the selected prefix are then systematically dialed. Outbound dialing by Psychosoft's outbound telemarketing systems is performed in an intelligent fashion - as not to call all ten thousand numbers consecutively, but from an algorithm that intelligently skips around the array of numbers until all numbers are dialed.

Psychosoft's outbound dialers can dial numbers from predetermined lists. Such a list might include members of a a company, group, church, club or organization - or it might include patients or customers.

Psychosoft has sold thousands of outbound dialing systems to schools, government agencies, churches, medical offices, clubs and police departments. Contact Sales at Psychosoft for additional applications for inbound telemarketing systems, outbound dialing systems and automated outbound dialers.

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