Powerline IV Computer Telephony Card for Voice Mail and Call Processing

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Dialogic DM/V960A-4T1-PCIW (Universal)

  • Model - DM/V960A-4T1-PCIW (Universal)
  • New and Unused Dialogic Product (Full Year Warranty)


Product Description

In a single PC slot, the DM/V960A-4T1-PCIW boards provide a robust media feature set, including voice processing and speech recognition (and on select media loads, fax and/or conferencing capabilities), combined with an extensive suite of network protocols. The platforms, available in both H.100 (PCI) and H.110 (CompactPCI*) compliant universal form factors, are ideal for service providers and large enterprise applications. This flexibility lets developers build single applications to be deployed on either industry-standard form factor.

Key Features

  • System Size - Servuce Provider/Large Enterprise
  • Form Factor - PCI
  • Resource Bus - H.100/H.110/CT-BUS
  • Operating Systems - Windows 2000, XP, NT, Server 2000, 2003, 2008
  • Network Interface - 4 T1 ISDN PRI Trunks
  • Key Features
    • Highly Scalable
    • Ability to select between 16ms, 32ms, and 64ms echo cancellation tail
    • Support Rich Conferencing Media
    • Supports True Speech Voice Coder
    • Messaging and Enhanced Services
    • Wireless and Fixed Line SMS

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Dialogic DM/V960A-4T1-PCIW Features

  • Applications
    ■ Messaging and enhanced services
    ■ Wireless and fixed-line short message service (SMS)
    ■ Color ringback
    ■ Voice portal
    ■ Contact center and e-Business
    ■ PC-PBX
    ■ Audio conferencing server
    ■ Web conferencing
    ■ Switching and call completion
    ■ Prepaid/debit card
    ■ Gateway switch

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