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PowerVoice lead generator dialing system

T1 - 24 and 48 Port Digital Telephony Card for Lead Generation, Information Dispersal and Emergency Notifucation

T1 PowerVoice Auto Dialer System for Lead Generation,Voice Mail
and Emergency Notification

The T-1 PowerVoice solution for auto dialer, lead generation, voice mail, automated dialing and interactive voice response (IVR) applications enables the PowerVoice software to take advantage of high density digital telephony cards (T1). Hi density systems that employ T-1 technology are those that require a high volume of calls to be made in a short period. Such systems include emergency notification, large database customer notification and outbound telemarketing. Not only do T-1 lines allow very large volumes of calls to be made quickly, but generally, much better local and long distance rates when dialing out on T-1 lines. Telephone bills for outbound dialing applications can frequently be cut in half - or more.

PowerVoice packages using digitally-based technology are available in 24, 48, 72 and 96 port standard configurations. By adding telephony cards, our base configurations can be easily expanded up to 96 ports in a single PC or a rugged rack-mounted industrial configuration. Talking Technology offers a wide selection of both new and reconditioned high density digital cards (24, 48 and 96 port). Note that all reconditioned telephony hardware is fully warranted. If you don't have have a high speed T1 line currently installed, Talking Technology can assist you in handling the entire process:

  • Installation and configuration of your T1 line
  • Building, installing and configuring your high-speed T1 call processing system
  • Assistance with implementing your application

Digital telephony technology combined with powerful and easy-to-use PowerVoice software make mass marketing and notification applications possible. All packages include digital telephony cards, comprehensive documentation and the PowerVoice Windows visually oriented application generator. Digital telephony allows applications of up to 96 ports in a single PC.

Dialer & Outbound Telemarketing*

With PowerVoice it is easy to perform your outbound work. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create Your List (randomly from a prefix or a CD). Numbers can be imported from virtually any source (Word, Excel, DBase III & IV, Goldmine, CD Databases, DeLorme)
  2. Select Your Script from our selection of predefined applications. [Click-Here] for a list of the predefined scripts (scenarios) that come with the PowerVoice for Windows application generator.
  3. Record Your Message.
  4. Schedule times and days of week for your calls.
  5. Start Dialing!
  6. View your Results!

Phone Tree Dialer Uses

Outbound telemarketing and notification can be used for generating leads, schools, churches and group hotlines, collection systems, membership notification systems, surveys, polling - any organization that needs to quickly contact large numbers of people.

  • GENERATE LEADS for Businesses (water treatment, cell phones, insurance, mortgage brokers, real estate, home improvement & repair, painting, plumbing, electrical, home loans - to name a few we've sold to)
  • Telemarketers (inbound & outbound)
  • Athletic Organizations
  • Emergency Notification Systems (military, prisons, oil and gas companies, weather alerts, police departments, civil defense, nuclear power plants, FDA alerts, automotive recalls)
  • Political Campaigns
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch Notifications
  • Alumni Associations
  • Grand Openings
  • Debt Collection
  • Government Agencies
  • Membership Notification
  • Entrepreneurs

Important Important Dialer Features

  • Hours of Operation: Courteously set your days and hours for dialing.
  • Do-Not-Call List: Automatically allow callers to place themselves on the Do-Not-Call list.
  • Quick Disconnect: Free up the called party's line as soon as they hang-up.
  • True Answer(tm): Accurately recognize answering machines and (if you want) play your message immediately when their message ends. If you want, you can use one message for answering machines, and another for live answers. Also, accurately recognize fax machines, intercept tones, and modems.
  • Multiple Response Types: It is your choice to get responses via either recorded messages or digits pressed by called parties.
  • Database Dialer: PowerVoice automatically places calls from your company's database of telephone numbers. It can also easily import numbers from an outside source or TTI's telemarketing data.
  • Prefix Dialing: Just insert one of your local prefixes or an area code and the prefix in that area code you want to dial, and PowerVoice will randomly dial all 10,000 numbers of your desired prefix.
  • Call Logging: PowerVoice logs completed calls, and retries busy and non-answered numbers.
  • Increase Productivity: Run multiple applications simultaneously on different lines.
  • Direct Transfer: Route connected calls to a live operator. (Requires T1 lines with a Centrex or 3-WAY calling feature set or a PBX)

Voice Mail & Call Processing

PowerVoice includes a full-featured voice mail system that allows as many as 10,000 users. The PowerVoice package includes powerful features such as:

  • Message Forwarding
  • Call Screening
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
  • Message Notification (Voice and Pager)
  • Message Time and Date Stamp
  • Group Message Distribution
  • Call Transfer (Smart and Tone)
  • Remote Access & Remote Customization
  • Pager Support (Voice/Tone and Display)

The COMPLETE PowerVoice package includes PowerVoice software for Windows 2000 Professional, PowerVoice T1 telephony cards, color documentation, FREE software updates, three hours of FREE technical support, and our FREE script writing service.

We also offer expert consultation and interfacing in conjunction with digital telephony providers. We can also handle the process of having your digital lines installed at your location.

T-1 Line Configuration

Your PowerVoice software and T1 cards will require a specific configuration to execute properly. The required configuration for your digital lines are listed directly below:

  • SF / D4 (Line Framing)
  • AMI (Line Coding, B8ZS Not supported)
  • E&M Wink Start (Required for CO signaling)
  • DTMF
  • Dial-tone (Recommended but not required. Dial-tone guarantees that calls will be dialed only after the circuit is ready to receive them.)
  • Flash-hook / DTMF feature set (Required for call transfer applications without a PBX. This feature may not be available with some long distance T1 providers.)

PowerVoice T1 digital systems are available in Turnkey Configurations with PowerVoice hardware & software and Windows XP installed in a fully functional computer with a
1 GHz Intel Pentium III processor. And we can configure the computer hardware of a turnkey system to your exact specifications.

[PowerVoice T1 Hardware Specifications]

You can also contact us for recommendations for reputable T1 service providers with very low rates.


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